Being an IICT Member has its Rewards

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Did you know that 94% of all IICT members are obtained through referrals?
Don't keep us a secret. Reap the rewards by sharing the IICT now.

Become a top referrer and we'll give you Free a New iPad!  
We pay $10.00 for every new referral*

If you are an IICT Member we will rebate back to you $10.00 for everyone who joins IICT by way of your referral. 

IICT Member Referral Program

Our NEW Refer a Friend system is easy - just send out an Invitation email to as many email addresses of friends as you wish using the Tell A Friend form and for anyone who Joins IICT using an email address from your invitation list you will receive $10.00*!

You can also keep track of who you have sent invitations to, who has joined and how much credit you have earned.

"I refer all my students and graduates to IICT and have recieved $1,780.00 so far in referral commisions, plus loads of free gifts. Referring simply works!"

- Mette Sorensen, IICT member.

The Referral REWARDS Program

Here's how it works.

1. Simply refer our IICT Membership to others using our Tell A Friend contact form.
To access this form log in to the members area and click on the Tell A Friend Icon.

2. Add your own personal message to the email and click send.

3. Each time you refer a friend (and upon this friend registering with a successful application), the IICT will pay you $10.00* per referral.

Refer 1 friend = $10.00
Refer 3 friends = $30.00
Refer 5 friends = $50.00
Refer 10 friends = $100.00
Refer 20 friends = $200.00

The more people you successfully refer, the more we gift to you. 


ipod toouch
Refer 50 friends = $500.00
+ Get a free 16GB iPod Touch valued at $249.00

TOTAL VALUE: $749.00!


Refer 100 friends = $1,000.00
+ Get a free 32GB iPad valued at $449.00

TOTAL VALUE: $1,449.00!


NOTE: The Referral Program is only open to current IICT members. If you're not already an IICT member you can join by clicking here

*NOTE: The $10.00 Referral Bonuses are sent to you via PayPal, we will email you with confirmation of bonuses achieved. All $10.00 Referral commissions are in Canadian Dollars.


Referral payments are made within 21 days of all applications received via PayPal. If a new member has joined using an email address sent from your Tell A Friend Invitation via our system, the IICT will contact you to arrange your $10.00 rebate.