Get More Clients for Your Practice using Digital Marketing

Get More Clients for Your Practice using Digital Marketing

By IICT  Natural therapy, like other professional services, depends on new clients replacing the ones whose problems have been taken care of.

Traditional forms of media will provide some results, but digital marketing is more reliable and has grown over the years to include a variety of approaches. With the advent of social media, potential clients now spend more time online, providing a lot of opportunity for savvy businesses. You need to identify with your clients and interact with them in ways that keep them engaged and interested.


Create an Online Presence

The first obstacle you need to overcome is setting up an online presence. The phrase that once equated to “I have an email address” has expanded over the years and now includes anything you do online. Connecting to your future clients means meeting them on their own turf, putting your practice in front of potential leads where they spend the most time. Your online presence is important and needs to be consistent across all of your accounts, including:

  • Social Media (Facebook, Pinterest, etc)
  • Email
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Website and Domain


Get Back to Basics

Online or off, the same business ethics that marked a professional practice 20 years ago are still the major indicators today. Customer service, high-quality treatments, easy access to your business and quality merchandise are going to help your digital marketing efforts just like they have always been the backbone of traditional media campaigns. Join sites like LinkedIn, where professionals “rub” their digital shoulders, give your customers plenty of information to talk about, and maintain your online image with the same diligence you take offline. Positive word-of-mouth is always going to have an effect on your clientele and the internet is a megaphone of enormous proportions.


Create a Rapport

When someone refers a friend, that referral is probably going to look for your practice online before they attempt to make contact. By presenting an active, informative presence in social media and on your website, you are also reassuring those who want to verify your credentials, look up the products you carry and review the services you provide. The important thing to remember is that your social media accounts and website need to be active, including regular, topical posts and helpful images that highlight the best you have to offer. 

It is important to keep stressing the value of a blog on your website for online marketing success. Blogging gives your business authority and engages followers on a regular basis. New posts should be published regularly so that people and search engines will know to expect fresh content and helpful ideas. If video is your cup of tea, video blogging has become popular, and can be used across multiple platforms including your website, YouTube and social media. 


The Power of Domain Names

The url of your website is key. Having a web address that is easy to remember, optimised for important keywords and is marketing-friendly will mean more traffic and greater business success. Your domain name should reflect your practice, brand or company name, and new top level domains are available that even identify the type of company you run, such as .clinic, . physio, .fitness, and others.


Search Engine Marketing

When someone is looking for a product or service online, they almost always start by typing a query in their favourite search engine. Behind the scenes, those search queries become keywords that indicate one company is more relevant than others. Digital marketing uses the combination of all facets of your online presence to determine whether your company has more importance on a given search. Most people know that this is how search engines determine where your website will appear on a list, but today, online marketing goes much further.

Targeted search engine ads, such as Google AdWords or Bing AdWords are more powerful than ever before, using the online activity of users to present them with current, relevant suggestions for products and services they have already shown an interest in. Using ads targeted to your site’s keywords, you will be able to attract clients who are looking for your offerings, leading to a higher conversion rate and more return on your investment.


Every successful practice needs to maintain a positive online image. Creating and maintaining an online image will have a tremendous impact on your growth potential. It will let your clients know you are there with them, and show new visitors that your practice is a reliable source for information.  


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