5 Small Business Internet Marketing Ideas for Your Natural Therapy Business and 5 Mistakes to Avoid

5 Small Business Internet Marketing Ideas for Your Natural Therapy Business and 5 Mistakes to Avoid

By IICT  It should not come as a surprise that the best marketing ideas for small businesses, including natural therapists, are connected with the internet.

As a tool for reaching new clients and customers, promoting your business online far surpasses traditional media such as radio, TV or newsprint. Just remember that every endeavour has limits or requirements that cannot be overlooked if you want to be successful.


1. Social Media Marketing

Social media has become one of the most affordable ways to reach out to prospective clients. You can display the reliability of your practice through regular blog posts, helpful articles  and videos that educate or entertain. In social media, the more friends and followers you have, the faster your popularity can grow as you are recommended to others and the word gets passed from person to person.

The thing to avoid with social media is trading in your reliability for sensationalism. Businesses that embark on the path of extremes soon discover that they have nothing left to attract new followers with, or that they have lost their trustworthiness in the eyes of their followers. With social media, the goal is to show your followers that you can be counted on to have the best information, value for money services or the best quality products.


2. Affiliate Building

Join professional organisations or clubs. It never hurts to rub shoulders with your business peers, and forming alliances can be a huge boost for both practices. Organisations that support natural therapy can connect you with other professionals, offer advice on getting your business going, or even suggest third party services to help you achieve your goals.

Affiliated companies typically exchange website links to give relevance to one another, and a common mistake is to include links from companies that you know nothing about. It is always a good idea to verify a website and the links that connect you to it. If a potential partner seems to be concentrated on fly-by-night operations or page after page of semi-literate rubbish, do your own website a favour and decline linking to that site.


3. Natural Therapy Blog

Your practice needs a blog. It needs a way to share information, offer tips and strategies, and keep your clients and customers up to date with the goings on in your practice. To do that, you need to make regular, authoritative posts that give the reader something they can rely on. Since maintaining a blog requires a good deal of work, the task can be contracted with third party companies that will research and write relevant posts for you, typically including some degree of SEO in the process.

There are two things that have to be avoided once you start a blog. First, it is an imperative that your blog stays on topic and is reliable. If you are using a blog writing company, check the facts and writing style yourself to make sure that accurate information is being presented, and that every post meets or exceeds a minimum level of form, function and style.


4. Online Product Sales

Selling products online was where internet marketing began, and your practice can benefit from the sale of related products as well. Whether you have a private brand of remedies or serve as a distributor for other manufacturers, keeping those products in front of potential buyers is paramount. To do so, use your full complement of online tools, including social media, your website, paid advertising and a robust email marketing strategy.

Beware of the inventory trap. The only time you should keep a large inventory on hand is when you are selling the products out of a bricks and mortar location. For online sales, it is far more lucrative to become a reseller for manufacturers so that purchases can be drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. Keeping a large inventory ties up your funds and has the potential of leaving you with cases of unsaleable products.


5. Website Compatibility

Websites have evolved over the years, and need to be compatible with a wide variety of internet-enabled devices. Your website should be viewable with a majority of web browsers, computer operating systems and even newer devices like tablets and smartphones. Since you cannot predict the device your next big client will be using, it is more profitable to ensure compatibility with a range of devices and designs.

Avoid the mistake of assuming that because your website looks great on one browser, it will look great on them all. This mistake is actually very common, and thousands of website owners have discovered that conforming to the popular norm, such as Internet Explorer, could mean the site works partially or not at all with other leading platforms like Firefox or Chrome. Site testing is crucial to the long term success of your site.


More than ever before, the secret to success lies in how well you undertake various online marketing functions. The ideas presented here will help you get in front of the people you want to reach, and avoid common mistakes that small business owners make. You know what your natural therapy practice means to you, and the internet will let you demonstrate that value to others.



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