How to Grow Customer Loyalty using Email Marketing: Top 10 Therapist Tips

How to Grow Customer Loyalty using Email Marketing: Top 10 Therapist Tips

By IICT  Email marketing is the most popular marketing method for businesses as it is known to be one of the most cost effective marketing tool to reach customers and convert leads into clients.  

According to experts, regular personalised emails make readers feel special; and the cost of retaining an existing client is just one fifth of the cost of adding a new client. Email marketing ensures growing customer loyalty which means more referrals and more business. 

As a natural therapist, you cannot afford to ignore the power of email marketing for achieving business success. Below are ten top tips for therapists to grow their customer loyalty and new client list using email marketing:


1. Build a List of Opt-in Subscribers

Send out emails only to those who have opted-in to receive emails from you. Your subscribers have signed up because they trust you and are interested in the information you send. Tell subscribers you would like to keep them up-to-date with upcoming special offers and discounts. You may like to collect email addresses from people who fill out forms on your website, subscribers to your blog, existing clients and your contacts from trade shows, other events and social media. It's also important to prominently feature an “Unsubscribe” option in your newsletters to add trustworthiness and credibility.

If sending an offer, McKinsey Research has confirmed that you can achieve an increase in the conversion rate of more than 25% by sending readers of your email to a dedicated landing page promoting your offer. 


2. Frequency

The timing of emails is critical to the success of your email campaign. You can choose weekly or bi-monthly emails with relevant and useful content. It is also a good idea to send your mails after office hours and ensure your newsletters are optimised for mobile phones ot tablets. 


3. Personalise your Emails

When newsletters are customised to include the customers name, they feel valued and is less likely to go to their spam folder. It also pays to send out appointment reminders to clients and welcome and follow-up messages to new clients. A study by Experian Marketing Services revealed that sending out personalised emails produced a six fold increase in interaction rates.


4. Content

The content of your marketing email is important to your business success. The information you send out should be relevant and useful to the subscriber. You can share an occasional story or add details of how much you care about your customers, the environmentally friendly nature of your service and the products you use. You can welcome questions from clients and also announce forthcoming events. Sales pitches should be avoided or minimised.

Occasionally surprise your customers with a personalised thank you video or a birthday gift voucher. Make the beginning and ending of your emails impactful for a lasting positive impression in your customers’ minds.


5. Formatting

Your emails should be in a readable format and bullet points should be used in the text as well as professional photos. Add adequate clickable space to entice them to explore your website and ensure all newsletter text is checked for spelling and grammar. 


6. Use an Efficient Email Program

Your email program should be up-to-date, capable of reaching your subscribers through their mobile devices and spam free. 


7. Ensure CRM Integration

You need to respond to the enquiries that come from your subscribers after they receive your newsletter. Your business success depends on how quickly and satisfactorily you address their replies. 


8. A/B Testing

Implement A/B testing with different variations of your email content to know how well your emails are doing. Some email programs come with the A/B testing tools built-in. This can improve the focus and sharpness of your email campaigns.


9. Include Call-to-Actions

Invite your subscribers to participate in discussions or to ask questions related to your therapy centre. You can have a check box for customers to request additional information such as special offers, content about specific areas of interest or text-only emails. Aim to make your email marketing strategy as personalised as possible.  


10. Make Interaction Easier

Your email campaign can only succeed if you make your website visit experience easy. So ensure all links work correctly, that your website pages load quickly and the content is engaging. 


Email marketing is all about relationship building with your subscribers and achieving growing customer loyalty. Permission-based emailing with useful and relevant content makes you come across as an ethical expert in your field. Incorporating advanced technologies makes things easy for your subscribers to take action and benefit from your offers. Encouraging readers to ask questions or participate in discussions shows how much you care. Following the above tips will give you a much desired competitive advantage over other therapists and the more value you offer to your readers, the more your business will succeed.  


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