How to Market a Business? 10 Cost-Effective Ideas to Reach More Customers

How to Market a Business? 10 Cost-Effective Ideas to Reach More Customers

By IICT  Shoestring budgets don’t have to make you invisible in the marketplace. There are enough simple ideas that can be developed into innovative marketing tactics, ensuring your business reaches your potential customers. 

Here are 10 economical ideas that have been implemented by thousands of small-scale businesses, to reach more customers.


Get Online

A website doesn’t necessarily have to be a high budget marketing tool. While it is ideal to have a customised website, if the budget doesn’t permit a fully-fledged one, you’re better off exploring template based companies like SiteSell and make use of the many tools and tutorials that would enable the creation of a basic, but impactful website. Once done, set up listings within various search engines to ensure the business is found easily.



The advantage for small businesses is that networking has become that much easier and economical through social media. Just get smart in identifying the social media sites most suited for your business, be it Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. Through this process, identify partners and even competitors engaged in a similar line of work.  


Rev-up Those Business Cards 

A business card can actually be one of the most powerful marketing tools that should be issued whenever possible. Get creative in designing the card, keeping in mind their purpose is ‘longevity’ so consider adding useful information valued by the customer, a calendar or possibly even a discount coupon. A crafty idea is also to handwrite a personal direct number when handing over to prospects, indicating the willingness to offer a personalised service.


Free Consultations 

Take the ‘business card coupon’ idea, a step further. Target people you think who would need your service and offer a free consultation. The only cost is your time but the long term rewards will be substantial. Offer some practical advice and suggestions and make the consultation productive in building up a good reputation about yourself. Once done, spin off the success stories on social media.


Guerilla Marketing

Given that guerilla marketing is cheaper than regular advertising, it is all about birthing innovative and imaginative ideas through word-of-mouth. From posting videos on social media to using graffiti chalk drawings for street marketing or creating billboard opportunities, guerilla marketing tactics are only limited to one’s imagination.


Talk to the Existing Clientele

Companies spend substantial funds carrying out market research and seeking information with the aim of attracting new clients. Sadly, what most businesses don’t realise is the wealth of information that sits in-house based on their existing clientele. It could be simple phone interviews to gauge perceptions of your business, an online survey using online tools such as Survey Monkey or your Facebook page.


E-mail Marketing 

Use your website to get new prospects onboard to sign up for a regular newsletter to engage with new and loyal customers. Consider offering a customised content-pack to each new subscription, such as an e-book or free online consultation. Keep nurturing the email subscribers to the point of becoming paying customers, using that window to truly understand their needs, before they are serviced. 


Group Up

Join professional groups within the industry and consider paid memberships of groups that would attract prospective clients. Get your name out there in the web listings of relevant bodies of authority and get actively involved in a handful of these groups. The more involved and committed you are the more your business will be visible.


Revive Old Data  

Find a topic that is industry specific and give it a new spin on your website or blog. Gather data and statistics from reliable online sources and make your opinion a force to be reckoned with, especially in the minds of potential customers who would be searching your relevant topics online.


Public Relations

PR is cheaper and more credible than advertising and PR campaigns don’t always need high-flying PR firms for execution. While the advantages a good firm can bring are substantial, small-scale PR activities run by smaller companies can also trigger significant public interest. From getting timely press releases out, refreshing the ‘what’s new’ page on the website to even getting your marketing kit out to professional organisations. It’s all about leveraging individual success stories to form an effective PR campaign. 


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