Natural Therapy Marketing: 10 Ways Reviews can Help Promote Your Business

Natural Therapy Marketing: 10 Ways Reviews can Help Promote Your Business

By IICT  Reviews are a double edged sword that can make or break a business, more so a natural therapy business owing to the very nature of the service delivery.

Today’s consumers undeniably depend on reviews to validate their online research efforts; hence the review quality will impact businesses significantly. As such, review giants like Google Places, Yelp and the likes are continuing to mount and grow their territorial dominance. 

Here are 10 ways natural therapy marketers could leverage reviews to grow their business successfully:


Lead Generation

Prospective customers who use review sites, get their first exposure to your business through the reviews they read. And given that there is enough research carried out to support the fact that consumers tend to trust peer recommendations more than paid advertising, why not let the established review sites lead new customers to you?


It’s Free!

Positive testimonials of existing customers form an integral part of advertising. With your brand name and services freely exposed to the readership, reviews become a pivotal tool in increasing awareness about your brand. Reviews also have the capacity to cover a broader spectrum of information, so the mass exposure that small businesses gain through online reviews is a luxury that most cannot afford through conventional marketing channels.



The feedback from independent reviews gives potential customers a candid inside-look into your natural therapy business, services and even employees. With a gamut of natural therapy services to choose from, prospective customers opt to do their own research before selecting their preferred choice. Customers trust no one better than other customers who’ve used the service, so to validate and authenticate your service, therefore more positive reviews will help increase the business’ legitimacy.


Take Control – Take Charge 

In an era where customers are bold enough to put it all out there, don’t wait for customers to create business pages and review your service without consent. Get smart and create your own page to manage positive and negative feedback alike, as this will leave YOU in charge of your online presence. 


Make use of Happy Customers

If there are customers pleased with your service and are willing to give their feedback, go all out and amplify those happy customers. Next grab a hold of those good reviews & testimonials and splash them on your Facebook page, website and blog using keywords to ensure potential client searches lead to the good reviews. 


Negative Reviews are Learning Tools

Responding to customer complaints is actually a good launch pad for showcasing the business’ conviction of its service standards and thus earn the trust of potential customers. Going a step further, businesses that take active steps in response to their complaints, also portray their willingness to listen to customers and primarily demonstrate that customer satisfaction is their priority. 


Image Building

Review sites can become formidable supporters in any business’ online marketing strategy. Take the time to assess the reviews and publish the positives while also showing gratitude to customers who’ve given them. Image building starts in the mind, so this is one of the most cost-effective tools a natural therapist can use to build their image in the minds of prospective customers.


Customer Relationship Building  

Online customer reviews, much like social media, lets you form a closer relationship with your customer base. And by replying, you give your customers the satisfaction that their input matters and encourages customers to become loyal in the long run.


Strengthen your Online Presence

Online reviews can strengthen your online marketing strategy. Significant numbers of positive reviews over a period of time can not only build the confidence of prospective clients but also build the trust of search engines too. Another benefit of reviews is that you can leverage where your business will be listed within the search engine results, thus gaining more eyeballs. 


Boost Employee Morale

While the customer is certainly King, let’s not forget the significance of the employee. A positive review, especially relating to a natural therapy session with a chosen therapist can do wonders in boosting the morale of the staff. Hence businesses should capitalise and circulate such reviews using all means possible to exhibit the quality of the business and thereby warrant accountability on the part of the employees to maintain consistent service levels.


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