Top 10 Tips for Natural Therapists: How to Run a Successful Home Based Business

Top 10 Tips for Natural Therapists: How to Run a Successful Home Based Business

By IICT  Nothing happens unless first a dream. This could not be more appropriate for those planning to run a successful home based natural therapy business. Many therapists start off with the goal of running a passionate practice, from the comfort of their homes, but fail to treat it as a professional business, at home.

These 10 helpful tips will provide you with hands-on knowledge and give you a heads-up on running a home based natural therapy business, successfully:


Dream, believe and decide

Having the dream to run a practice comes easy. The problem occurs when converting that dream to decisions – consistent decisions at that. To make those tough decisions, you’ve got to believe in your ability to be a therapist from the point of view of a businessman / woman. Self-belief will take you places that dreams can’t! So while the decision of wanting to be a therapist was probably made early, have you committed to make decisions that foster that dream into a successful practice, thrust by your self-belief? If not, stop; and take stock before moving on. 



If your home does not have a separate entrance to what can be your potential ‘Practice’ then you’ve got to make one. Demarcation is pivotal in delivering, what could often be perceived as, sensitive / private therapeutic treatments to clients who wouldn’t want the risk of the rest of the household walking in on them.



While it is a good thing to make your clients feel ‘right at home’; it is more important to maintain professionalism at all times while running your natural therapy practice from home. Ensure to not step over any boundaries, which if misinterpreted could make your practice appear questionable in the eyes of potential and existing clients that will render far more negatives than you’d want to deal with. 



Many complementary and natural therapy based healthcare services require equipment such as chiropractic devices or alternative medicines. Prior to administering such products ensure compliance in line with Health & Safety regulations and/or Food & Drugs related regulations to ascertain how these regulatory bodies could affect your home based business. Also get familiar with certain qualifications that may also be mandatory for administering therapies.


Cosmetic & Therapeutic Products

From creams, oils, lotions to soaps; be very mindful of the use and sale of such therapeutic products within your home based practice. It is pivotal that you are well versed and informed about the ingredients contained within, while also being knowledgeable about the labeling, manufacturing and distribution of such products. The same applies to the use and sale of self-made therapeutic cosmetic products, which should clearly state the ingredients used.


Training and Qualifications

While training is mandatory, being certified as a natural therapy practitioner is also equally important to sustain yourself as a home based business. Thus a formal certification can really boost your own morale while aiding the confidence building of your potential clientele. Bring yourself up to speed with regards to industry requirements when applying for a license to deliver your preferred service/s by getting in touch with relevant professional bodies like IICT, for further assistance in regards to this.


Equipment Management 

If using various equipment and medical devices for your natural therapy practice, first ensure their authenticity and purchase from a trusted source. Secondly take all efforts to ensure they are authorised to be used within a natural therapy practice. 


Market Yourself

Depending on how large a territory you wish to cover, be wise in choosing the marketing channels that suit you best. Flyers, business cards with a coupon attached, a Facebook page and online reviews may work best in getting your home based business a head start. However, personal referrals from happy customers will most likely top all that. So remember your clients are your best marketing channels!



While furnishing is vital in creating a suitable ambiance for your practice, be prudent in your spend until the business is established. Some of the more popular methods of cost saving in this regard would be to purchase 2nd hand furnishing. When it comes to equipment, it would be wise to consider a short-term lease so that covering your costs is well within reach.



It is best to comply with all possible regulatory laws that would create a sound image of your practice in the long run. So if using recorded music within the practice, it is your responsibility to obtain applicable licenses so that you do not infringe any copyright laws when using music for commercial reasons.


And there you have it. 10 crucial factors to take into consideration when establishing and propelling your home based natural therapy practice towards success. 


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