Top 7 Tips to Get Your Natural Therapy Business Found Locally

Top 7 Tips to Get Your Natural Therapy Business Found Locally

By IICT  There are a lot of natural therapy businesses, which includes massage clinics and therapy centres, offering an array of alternative treatments.

While most therapists prefer to work from home, there are some medium scale therapy centres that come up with their clinics in a specific locality. In order to make sure your natural therapy business is found locally, you have to use proper marketing strategies to promote your business. 

Usually, alternative therapy practices, just like any other health clinic or gym, experience challenges building their business. While one clinic may struggle to get new clients, others may have a regular pool of clients. However, to ensure that your business grows and gives you a decent clientele, it’s best to have a marketing strategy for the local market. 

There are several tools that have been used to promote small, medium and large scale businesses before the internet came into existence. These strategies were aimed at making the locality aware of a new business on the market. For a natural therapist, just like any other health clinic, it is very important to start promoting the business locally so that people start talking about it. 

Following we discuss seven techniques to make sure that your business is found locally:


Tip#1: Newspapers for Promotion

For local promotion, newspapers are a highly effective media for advertising. You may consider running an advertisement, ensuring to provide details related to the therapies you are offering and mention some discounts too. Discounts are always alluring and can attract more clients. Newspaper ads have a wide audience base, which will capture more readers especially in the 40+ years demographic.


Tip#2: Letterbox Drops

To go local, letterbox drops are probably one of the best ways to reach out to people. The greatest advantage of this form of marketing is that it is local, though may not be a targeted approach. However, you don’t know what exactly your target base is when it comes to natural therapies as men and women of varied age groups could be a part of the list. To send out letterbox drops, make sure the choice of printing paper is of high quality otherwise people might throw it away. You can also design postcards with an inspirational image or quote and information related to the clinic. If you use decorative ideas, your audience will not throw it away immediately. That’s exactly what you want!


Tip#3: Use Flyers

For local promotion, flyers can be a great idea as well. You can simply design and print, then reach out to local health centres, beauty therapists or hairdressers and offer them a cross-sell opportunity with your business. You could also use them at networking events you attend and leave them at key locations around your community. Once again, the aim is to ensure that the flyers aren’t thrown out. It should look compelling, interesting, personal and engaging. 


Tip#4: Word of Mouth

There’s nothing stronger than the power of word of mouth promotion. As people start knowing you, they will value the services you offer and they will start talking about the massage or therapy experience they have enjoyed in your clinic. As such, it is very important to make sure that you offer excellent service to each and every client so that they speak about your services.  In addition, you should also encourage your clients to talk about the clinic and services. Another effective strategy is creating a referral program to encourage more clients to join through your existing clients. 


Tip#5: Business Cards

To go local, carry your business card 24/7. Wherever you go, hand out your business card to people you meet and make sure it contains all the information needed to book an appointment and reach your clinic. At your clinic, have the business cards placed near the register and encourage clients to take a few away with them. Ideally, your satisfied clients will distribute the business cards to their friends and family, which will give you more traffic in the coming weeks or months. 


Tip#6: Set up a Listing on Local Online Directories

Simple and highly effective, setting your business up on search engine local directories is a proven method for increasing interest in your business. Google and Bing are free to list while Yahoo has a small fee to join but gets you access to a range of associated listings.


Tip#7: Make the most of Google Maps

If you’re a business with a storefront then you need to ensure that when customers come clicking they find all of the information they need on Google Maps. Ways in which you can effectively optimise your map include; making your map public, adding points of interest to help customers find you, add links back to your site, and always ensure your contact details are visible and available.

With these handy strategies, local marketing and promoting your business is possible with any budget!



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