5 Ways to Improve your Marketing Mix: A Guide for Natural Therapists

5 Ways to Improve your Marketing Mix: A Guide for Natural Therapists

By IICT  Now more than ever, people have started to recognise the importance of marketing their products and services, especially through the use of online platforms. Think about it, when you want something done or something to buy the first thought that comes to mind is to Google it!

Most of us hop onto computers, phones, tablets or other smart devices to ascertain who can give us what we want and for the best price. For natural therapists, whether you’re offering goods or services, it is critical to your success to improve your marketing mix and broaden your reach of potential customers. 

But what is an effective marketing mix? The marketing mix is sum total of activities, strategies and mechanisms that a business employs with a view to promoting its brand, product or service in relation to its desired audience, more commonly called the market. For someone in the natural therapeutic business the marketing mix boils down to how you price a specific product or service you offer, how you promote and how you position or place your brand, products and service in the market


The Right Mix for You - Pricing Right 

Customers who have benefited from Natural Therapeutic services will readily tell you one of two things, and in some instances both:

(a) It is worth every dollar, even if it seemed pricey at the outset

(b) In the long run it worked out to be less expensive than conventional medicine, with greater benefits.

For this reason, when you consider price as a part of the marketing mix, the first step to improving your strategy is to be reasonable. On the one hand, do not make the cost of your product so inhibitive that potential customers won’t be prepared to give you a try. On the other, what you offer is truly priceless, therefore do not be swayed by the need to make profit and price yourself low. 


The Art of Cross-Selling

The second step involves optimising one product to increase sales of another service or product, called cross-selling. Cross-selling is the art of introducing customers to complementary products or services, in addition to what they are currently interested in. 

The best example of this is “would you like fries with that?”, and there is a lot of advantages for both the customer and the natural therapist. Research demonstrates, cross-sells are responsible for an average of 10 - 30% of ecommerce revenues. 

People love convenience and often make a habit paying a little extra for that convenience, so using this strategy to support your existing customers’ needs and wants will result in further income.


Glorious Self-Promotion

Gone are the days when promoting one’s business meant paying big money for television or radio advertisements. Nowadays, promotion means using the power of information to establish yourself as an expert and to establish your brand, product or service as one endorsed by experts. This brings us to the third step. 

The easiest ways to establish yourself as an expert in any field is to promote yourself as the expert. And the beauty of the technological age is you don’t need to write a book; you can do this simply through the use of blogs and their cousins, vlogs. For this type of promotion it is best to have a professional looking website and social media page which could feature articles that your followers may find interesting. 

For instance, if your practice offers advice regarding skin issues, people may ask how to deal with acne. Writing a blog on this and similar topics which is search engine optimised will ensure that when people search for topics such as “what to do about my acne” your web page and in turn the services you offer will pop up! People will get to know more about you and will start to seek you out.


Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

The fourth step is a spin off from the third step. After establishing a great online presence you can partner with other websites so that you mutually advertise each other for free or for a nominal cost. How does that work? Well, depending on your services, you may use certain products almost daily. For instance, if you stock a particular brand of supplements, offer to write expert posts on the suppliers social media pages in return for the supplier to add your website link every time you provide content. 


Online Placement and Position

Once again, steps overlap as the fifth step is also linked to the fourth step. 

You want to ensure that your products and services are well placed. Nowadays, this means having a SOLID place on the online space. Therefore you will have to consistently improve your web content, and social media content to ensure you are ahead of the game and engaging potential customers regularly and effectively. 


Improving your marketing mix is not difficult, but it takes dedication and creativity. However, the fact that your business and your craft are important to you makes it worthwhile. So take the dive!


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