5 of the Best Small Business Apps Every Natural Therapy Business Owner Needs

5 of the Best Small Business Apps Every Natural Therapy Business Owner Needs

By IICT  If you are a natural therapy business owner looking for solutions to keep track of your appointments, handle employees and their schedules, monitor your cash flow and still not feel overwhelmed while doing it all, our recommendation would be ..

to embrace some of the excellent mobile apps that are available out there.


Every small or medium sized business owner can do with all the help they can get for increasing income, productivity, sales and visibility. So here are 5 great apps that can help you achieve just that:


To Help Increase Productivity: 

1. Evernote: This is a great app known to enhance productivity. Available on both iOS and Android, the Evernote app helps a user create lists, make notes, share ideas, and store pictures, files, videos, web content and emails. Another plus with this app is that this information can be synced across all your devices - be it your mobile phone, your desktop, even the web. You can easily start off with the free version of this app and use it to share, organise and communicate with your team. It also has a very clean and easy to navigate user interface.


To Help with Accounting: 

2. QuickBooks Online: While most of us may not exactly be enthusiastic about crunching numbers and bookkeeping, it is necessary for every small business owner to be on top of their finances. QuickBooks Online is one of the most popular accounting apps available with a simple accounting interface. It comes with a gamut of features which can help you keep tabs on income and expenses, generate invoices and send them to your clients. Another handy feature is that you link your bank to the app so that you can check your financial transactions and keep an eye on your cash flow. It can be used on both iOS or Android devices and integrated with payroll – so it can even be used to pay your employees. 


To Help with Accepting Payments:

3. Square: If you have a small budget for putting together a payment setup, Square can come to your aid. Square, a payment app comes with a small debit and credit card reader that can be used to process payments quickly and efficiently. If you are a therapist on the move or if you work from a smaller practice, this app can help you record your payments, plot your sales and check your sales trends and reports on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. Besides helping you with your taxes, it comes with the added benefits of letting you record transactions even when you are offline. Square supports a wide variety of currencies and also lets a user manage tips and discounts. 


To Help with Managing Workflow: 

4. KanbanFlow: If you have a small team to manage your natural therapy business and are looking to streamline your workflow process, then KanbanFlow which is a free app as far as the base version is concerned, is what you should try. This is a web based app and works on almost all smartphones. It is also compatible with both Windows based machines and Macs. You can delegate tasks, check what tasks your colleagues or employees are working on, which ones are completed and which ones are in the pipeline. KanbanFlow supports real time collaboration so if you or one of your team members makes a change, all the team members are updated about it. If you handle multiple kinds of natural therapies like nutritional coaching, massage and beauty therapy services, you can divide your tasks into subtasks and track progress on each of them. 


To Help with Feedback:

5. GetFeedback: Once you have established a sizeable customer base and are looking to expand, it is imperative to get reviews and feedback from customers and work on improving shortcomings if any. GetFeedBack is an online app and you can always start off with an initial personal version which lets you send out unlimited surveys with unlimited questions to your clients. This app works on smartphones, desktops and tablets so your customers can answer your survey at their convenience. You can send out surveys in formats that will be designed for customer feedback via email. You can then review your results in a format that you prefer and see your results in real time. 


And that concludes our list of top 5 apps every SME in natural therapy must use. So go ahead and give some of these apps a shot, ease your day-to-day work and grow your business! 



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