10 Customer Service Skills to Help Grow Your Natural Therapy Business

10 Customer Service Skills to Help Grow Your Natural Therapy Business

By IICT  In the natural therapy industry, business growth is directly linked to customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth marketing.

As a natural therapist, your client's satisfaction must be based on meeting their needs but also anticipating their wants. You could take guesses as to what potential clients might need, but always pay attention to what they want. Satisfied customers are loyal customers, who will market your business to their family and friends through word-of-mouth referrals. 

Below are 10 customer service skills that will help build sustainable growth for your business or practice:


1. Build a Reputation for Outstanding Service and Results

Build a reputation for great services and long lasting results. Most businesses, even today, thrive on word-of-mouth advertising and recommendations from existing clients. Have a column in your new client form that asks how they discovered your business. If they mention the name of an existing client, be sure to thank them. Keep them motivated by providing VIP discounts and free services.


2. Stand Out

Marketing using customer testimonials and online marketing will help clients get to know and trust your business. Distribute fliers with positive customer testimonials about your natural therapy business, choose premises that are visible and located conveniently for your customers, provide an outstanding online experience with a website rich in useful information and tips.


3. Use Reputed Products

Many companies manufacture medicines and other products for the natural therapy industry. Find a brand that is well recognised and has good ratings for pure and effective products. Display signs within the premises and inform clients that you only use reputed products for all your treatments.


4. Keep Client Records Updated and Confidential

When clients revisit for continuation therapy or a different treatment, they like to be recognised and enquired after. It also saves a lot of time in the therapy room if the practitioner has the patients most up-to-date history. Computerised records over a private network will help your staff easily access client information and treat them accordingly. Another important aspect is the confidentiality of such information, which is important to clients, but also a legal requirement in many countries.


5. Become a Member of Reputed Institution like the IICT

Becoming a member of a professional industry body that is well respected and reputable will help offer your business professional affiliation and certification, demonstrating to clients and potential customers that you follow the highest standards of patient care and practice. Being a member of the IICT helps instil confidence in the minds of your patients. 


6. Evaluate your own Care and Service Against that of a Competitor

Honestly and diligently evaluate your business against the care and service provided by a competitor in the area and strive to improve in areas you think your business falls short and promote what makes your business unique. Set new goals for customer satisfaction and explain to your clientele how you plan to achieve them. 


7. Check Small Talk

Train your staff to check small talk and focus on the therapy. Use the end of the session to inform your clients of advancements in your field or other procedures available at your premises. 


8. Consider your Speed of Processing

Clients don’t like to wait, especially those that make appointments. Speed up your processing by computerising your records and training your staff to prepare the therapy rooms and keep them tidy after each and every session. Designate break time for groups of your staff so that someone is always available when clients walk in or call to make an appointment.


9. Offer Personalised Services

Individual clients need individual services. While packaging your services is a good idea, when need be, your staff must be equipped to personalise services based on specific client needs. This will keep your clients motivated to come to you and make them comfortable explaining their specific limitations, allergies, requirements or anything else they might need.


10. Be Accessible

After the completion of a treatment, clients may have questions or require further clarifications. Keep the lines of communication open or create a Q&A on your website where they can call or log their queries. Make sure you respond to these queries in a timely manner. Keeping a client waiting and pensive after rendering a treatment, may result in a negative experience. When clients believe their needs are important to your business, they are more likely to return, time and time again.


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