Customer Loyalty for Your Natural Therapy Business — Have You Got There Yet?

Customer Loyalty for Your Natural Therapy Business — Have You Got There Yet?

By IICT  There is an interesting quote about customer satisfaction by Dale Carnegie. (The author of several best sellers including “How To Make Friends and Influence People”)

that goes like this - "Dealing with people is probably the biggest problem you face, especially if you are in business. Yes, and that is also true if you are a housewife, architect or engineer."

The popular perception about customers in any business, including a natural therapy business, is that customers are fickle and change providers at the drop of a hat. The truth is far from that. Customers, essentially, are patient people who are looking for an honest and efficient service. When they believe they will get it out of you, and that they won’t be unduly burdened financially, they remain happy and loyal.

Here are 5 surprisingly easy things you could do to ensure you have your customer in the bag, so to speak.


1. Have a Personal Relationship with your Customers

In a natural therapy business like yours, whether you offer consultations, medicines or physical therapies, customers look for familiar faces they can trust and confide in. Know your customers by name, and build a personal relationship with them on the basis of their needs or the things they like to talk about. Not all customers are forthcoming with personal information about themselves, so try not to squeeze information out of less communicative clients. They may still enjoy attention without feeling their privacy is being invaded upon. In that case, keep your relationship with them limited to their needs and the services you provide. If you designate a specific team or a staff member to individual customers, building such relationships is a breeze.


2. Try Not to Say “NO”

At the inception of your business, you may have packaged your services in a way you hope are beneficial to potential clients / customers. But not all customers fit into the model. Some of them have special requirements and requests. Train your staff to accommodate the clients’ needs and concerns. Of course; it might not always be feasible to accommodate requests by clients. In such a case, explain to them gently why the request cannot be honored and offer them alternatives. 


3. Be Genuine

Whether your customers are getting a service, consultation, medicine, or a piece of equipment from your natural therapy clinic or business, give them your honest opinion on their decision and explain to them the true worth of their purchase. You could cite alternatives based on their needs and make a complete care plan or package that is suitable to them.


4. Get Feedback after Every Service Rendered

Encourage your customers to give feedback either on a feedback form or to a representative assigned specifically for this job. Take the feedback positively and try to work on the clients’ inputs. Train your staff to not lash out at customers when they receive negative feedback for services they have rendered. If, despite providing a great service, your customer is unhappy, look to learn from the situation. There usually is an important lesson buried between the layers of negative feedback.


5. Do not Make Promises that cannot be Delivered 

When clients come with specific requirements, be as straightforward as possible and be sure to mention any additional expenses they might have to incur. If the additional expenditure comes as a surprise to them, customers will likely not be pleased. It pays to be upfront about these matters! 


Whatever you do to gain customer trust and loyalty, the most important thing to remember is to always follow your rules and never violate business ethics. Whether you are obliging to their personal requirements and making customised packages, or going beyond their expectations while rendering service, keep in mind that customer satisfaction is meant to keep you afloat in your business, not the other way around. Be honest and sincere about costs and feasibility and also about the alternatives you offer all the while ensuring that your business doesn’t take a beating.



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