What To Look For in a Coach For Your Wellbeing Business

By IICT Member Ginny West, Spirit in Business 

Business Coaching can make a huge difference to building a successful wellbeing business and helping your dreams become a reality. 

What you can do on your own in five to ten years can easily be achieved with a great coach in one to three years. A good coach will encourage you when you are feeling scared or unsure, inspire you when you need motivation, and help you follow through on a clear plan for success. Coaching offers accountability, commitment and the opportunity to get real about fulfilling your true purpose. So with a vast array of coaches out there how can you choose the right one for your business?


Qualification and Intuition

Make sure you are engaging a qualified coach. Many people use the label of coach these days without the qualification, so don’t be shy to ask if your coach is qualified in the field. A qualified coach will have a particular framework to ensure your success, including tools and techniques for following through to make sure you are completing your goals. A coach with a great intuitive sense will be able to use systems for success, while tailoring them to your unique learning style and needs so you feel spiritually supported too. They will also know when to pull you up when you are running off on tangents or repeating old patterns.


Broad Based Experience

Choosing a coach with a broad base of experience in the wellbeing industry means that they will have insider knowledge, advice and contacts that will help you advance your business. A coach with a wellbeing background knows the unique blessings and pitfalls that go along with building a successful business in wellbeing, and will be able to guide you with the voice of experience and compassion, while showing you some easier routes to save time, energy, money and unnecessary stress.



A coach won’t do all the work for you. Coaching is all about commitment. It is a two way street. If you’re not following through on tasks there is little a coach can do for you; so make sure you arrive back at your next coaching session with all tasks completed ready for the next step for success. To get amazing results you need to release the fear handbrake and jump right in as far as you can. Don’t hold back, don’t avoid, and don’t run off on a tangent. You and your coach should agree in the coaching session what tasks need to be completed by when, and committing to the timeline should be your first priority. Try and get everything done as soon as you can after the session before your enthusiasm starts to wilt or the ego chimes in with its fears. If you start to fall behind, be honest, talk to your coach and work out whether you are sabotaging or if you need to reframe your tasks (it’s usually sabotage!). Doing nothing, or unfocused sporadic motion, is far more tiring than doing the work required step by step. Action builds self-confidence, self worth and a sense of achievement. And it frees you to further develop and deepen your craft.


Work and Play

If you are worried that coaching is going to have you working 24/7 think again. The key to good coaching practice is to cut out the peripheral, and do things in a more streamlined, efficient manner. That means more time for what is important in your business, and more time for what is important in your life. You will be amazed how much time, energy and money you free up when you keep only those products and services that are integral to your core brand, message or purpose, and discard everything else. I have to say I think humans are more afraid of time than anything else and wellbeing practitioners are no exception. The more time you have the more likely you will meet your true self there, so be brave and create that space. There’s nothing scary there, just your glorious true self waiting to be heard, and if we are to teach this to others we must embody it ourselves.


A Balance of Spirit and Business

Spirit alone is not enough, business alone becomes soulless. Authentic success is about coming deeply into the soul and getting really, really clear on your purpose. The reason why you are here on this earth is to experience the joy of expressing yourself fully as a spirit, and to benefit others in the process. There is no point running a business that is not fully soul connected. You don’t want to wake up in ten years and wish you had followed your true soul work. Trust me it can be just as distressing to work as the yoga teacher you don’t want to be, as to work in a dark dingy office, so get really clear on what your unique work is all about as a priority. Once you are clear on your soul work, move onto the business of creating a glorious vehicle to take your work out into the world. You need a sturdy, reliable, responsive framework and creative ways of delivering it so your heart work can be seen, heard and recognised. Your spirit deserves only the very best, so honour who you are by creating a beautiful structure that supports, sustains and nourishes you along the way.


A Sense of Humour

Get a dedicated coach who has a sense of humour and a touch of lightness too, because I can guarantee there are times you are going to want to laugh it out. The one thing that can smash a sense of shame or overwhelm is a good belly laugh, so let it rip then get back to the work at hand. A good rapport will ensure you are on the same page, and don’t take yourself too seriously if you make a mistake. The main thing is not to give up, just keep on growing no matter what.

Do yourself a favour and get yourself a dedicated coach to help cheer you on, solve your problems and answer your questions. What if all those things that have been overwhelming you in your business could be easily solved with a hand from someone who has walked the path before you? What is there was a beautiful gem in your business you were missing because you were tangled in the small details? What if you could open up more time and space for yourself and your family? What if you could eradicate most of the stress in your business straight away? Would you take the opportunity? A great coach won’t take your dream off you and turn it into something dry and boring. Nor will they let you run about in fantasy land then collapse in a stream of tears when nothing seems to be working because you haven’t actually done what is required. It is your coach’s job to help you dig within for gold and form it into the most beautiful, sweetest expression of your soul work and take it out into the world with integrity, honour and dedication. And that is worth working for…

So what are you waiting for?…..

About the Author:
Ginny West provides business consultations, workshops and retreats around Australia on creating heartfelt success for Wellbeing practitioners. To find out more about Spirit in Business or to contact Ginny West call 0413 596 784 or follow these links:

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